Portrait Photography

80's in Galveston: A Collaboration with Troy Montes by Daemaine Hines

Saturday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn to create some dope imagery with my good friend Troy Montes. On Friday after work I went to Houston where we met up and scouted out some places in the area that we would like to shoot. The wardrobe he picked out was unique so I didn’t want to just shoot anywhere. It would have to be a place with a lot of texture and non congested where we would be able to create to the best of our abilities and not have to worry about any extrinsic factors. So we chose to photograph in Galveston, Texas early morning. See the photos below.

OverStimulated by Daemaine Hines

Too much information. Inaccurate information, and spending so much time connected that we’ve lost connection. Reading captions and not talking in real life. Is there such a thing as “my life is out of context.” Perfect let’s be perfect and not have a flaw until the mirror breaks. Let’s deflect, project, and be angry about things we do not have and do not need. Let’s seek attention from those who we do not even know. Let’s go to different cities only to realize that we’d rather be home. The mind can be a mental prison sometimes.