Daemaine Hines

Euphoria in Savannah, Georgia by Daemaine Hines

On my last day in Savannah, I dropped my mother off at work and headed into the city to take some photographs. Little did I know, that I was going to experience one of the most euphoric moments in my life as a photographer. I started out by parking on Bay Street and then walked down to the river front which is popularly known as River St. It is a staple in the Historic District of downtown Savannah, Georgia. On my walk I noticed that there was an intense fog settling over the city while the sun was coming up shining bright as ever. It was perfect for the mood I was in and gave the city a “Sleepy Hollow” feeling because of Savannah’s history. Which made sense visually to me, so immediately it gave me an exciting feeling and was a catalyst for me to want to be there and photograph the city.

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-Daemaine Hines

OverStimulated by Daemaine Hines

Too much information. Inaccurate information, and spending so much time connected that we’ve lost connection. Reading captions and not talking in real life. Is there such a thing as “my life is out of context.” Perfect let’s be perfect and not have a flaw until the mirror breaks. Let’s deflect, project, and be angry about things we do not have and do not need. Let’s seek attention from those who we do not even know. Let’s go to different cities only to realize that we’d rather be home. The mind can be a mental prison sometimes.