L & L / by Daemaine Hines

Hello hello! How are you guys today? Well I hope everyone has been having a great week to kick start the weekend off right. This next blog post will be about some Instagrammers I've come to know. You know the phrase "small world". Well it truly is because one of my previous blog post "Silomeet"  I was able to meet a community of mobile photographers as well as photographers. Amongst all of the wonderful people I met, there was a young woman by the name of Lauren who comes to find out was a part of an event that I attended called Dance Makers Inc. I was there visiting my best friend and his wife before they move to the UK. So she invited me and a couple friends out and about in Houston to shoot and hang out. One of the people she invited is a gifted young man name Logan Hamilton who I can't wait to see blossom and reach his potential. The dude sings, plays all different kinds of instruments, as well as do photography, and videography. Check out some of the photos we were able to capture on our little adventure.