20 Hours Of Fun / by Daemaine Hines

What's up people? Back to give you the rundown on our second day in the Pacific Northwest. The first day was fun despite a few differences with our flight, and baggage claim. My buddy Ted showed us around and even drove making the first day comfortable as possible. So we woke up really early to meet one of our favorite photographers. He goes by the name of Jordan Voth and he's based out of Seattle, WA. We've been following him for a long time so Kris, and Jordan set it up where we would spend the entire day traveling to coast of Washington hitting up different spots along the way. We picked Jordan up from his place, and then proceeded to catch the Ferry. After that our adventure began. The first stop was at Lake Crescent located in Piedmont, Washington. It was so beautiful out there. This is me and Kristen's first visit to the place so we were blown away on how beautiful it was. After we took pics and admired the scenery it was time to head to our next destination. After all, we were on the clock and we wanted to make it to every spot they we planned to. Next spot we went to was LaPush Beach. Which is funny because that is where they filmed some of the scenes in the Twilight film. The hike down to the beach was about a mile and some change. Very challenging if you don't have on the right attire especially cause of all the rain you could slip. We stayed there for two hours and took some shots, climbed some rocks, and all that good stuff. After being amazed once more we continued our journey to Hoh Rainforest. Yet again another scenery that was easy on the eyes. Beautiful tall evergreens, fresh air, and no humidity you cannon beat that I don't care how much you love your city. Jordan, Kristen, and I stayed there very briefly as the sun was starting to leave us we wanted to make it to our last and final destination. On the Cape Flattery we got stopped by the police in a small town twenty minutes away from Cape Flattery. Luckily Kristen is pretty and we were able to squirm our little way out of that one with the "we are from out of town card". We made it there and even though it was almost dark we made the hike anyway and it was beautiful. The waves hitting the rocks and the lighthouse from a far in the distance it was beautiful. We almost spent twenty-four hours traveling and taking pictures. We hit four spots in about twenty hours on the upper northwest of the United States. This only the second day and we've already conquered the world lol. Jordan Voth we would like to say thank you for adventuring with us, and being such a stand up guy.